Oilfield Recruiting

Our highly experienced team provides effective solutions for managing the human ressources and needs for the oilfield industry, both operators and service companies.


Recruiting services - Objectives
  • Achieve and sustain our client's reputation by offering excellent recruitment services that exceed the requirements of our clients.
  • Establishing and maintaining a quality management system within the 2RIGS team and consultants, based on international quality standards and applied to the oilfield.

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Recruiting services - Methodology

Due to the unique characteristics of the energy industry, talent recognition is a real chalange, our experienced team follow the process below to connect our clients with these talented people

  • Online CV application and social network aproach.
  • CV screening and rating.
  • 1st interview conducted by our experienced oilfield people
  • 2nd interview conducted by our clients and facilitated by our team
  • Job offer and placement

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recruiting process

Recruiting services - Quality Control

As energy companies evolve, they face different issues related to Learning & Development within their organizations:

  • Review our recruiting systems & services periodically, based on feedback from our employees , clients and candidates.
  • Demonstrate vision, professionalism transparency and integrity in the conduct of our business and service.

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